• A POUR-OVER COFFEE LOVERS' DREAM: This set includes everything you need for a beautifully crafted cup of your favorite coffee! A Stainless Steel Pour-Over Kettle, 4-Cup Glass Carafe With Reusable Stainless Steel Filter, and Digital Pour-Over Scale
  • BEAUTIFUL, CLASSIC KETTLE WITH A MODERN TWIST: This stainless steel kettle is a new take on an old favorite. It features a built-in thermometer within it's lid, minimizing the amount of tools you need, and maximizing effectiveness of this gorgeous little beauty!
  • STUNNING, RESILIENT GLASS CARAFE WITH REUSABLE STAINLESS FILTER: This glass pour over carafe has a four cup capacity (6 oz. cups), ideal for two people! The eco-friendly reusable stainless steel filter features an ultra fine mesh screen, filtering out ultra fine ground residue, while allowing all of the coffees magnificent oils to come through. This is a process that is lost with paper filters, but not with our carafe!
  • COMPACT, CHARMING DIGITAL POUR-OVER SCALE: This scale is IDEAL for pour-over coffee. With multiple units of measure, tare, 2KG capacity, and auto-on/off abilities, this little scale is the perfect addition to any coffee enthusiast's arsenal
  • A WONDERFUL GIFT FOR THE NEWBIE OR THE SEASONED VETERAN: Whether you are just starting out in the pour-over coffee world, or you've been utilizing this method for years, this set is sure to excite. A wonderful gift idea, and as always, backed by CoastLine's 1-Year Warranty

Are You Obsessed With Coffee?

Do you take great pleasure in experimenting with grind-to-water ratios, ground coarseness, and precise measurements?

Or Perhaps You Are Just Starting Out..

Have you grown tired of the monotony of your single-serve brewer, or chain store watered down coffee? Maybe you know there is something better out there, something stronger. A coffee you can procure in your own home, hot or iced, with precision and perfection. Exactly the way you like it. No waiting in line, no watered down coffee. Just a perfectly proportionate, well-rounded cup of coffee each and every time.


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  • CoastLine Stainless Steel Kettle With Built In Thermometer.


  • CoastLine 4-Cup Coffee Carafe With Stainless Steel Mesh Filter


  • CoastLine Digital Pour-Over Pocket Scale

    Whether this is a gift for a coffee nerd, or a treat for yourself, it will not disappoint! Order Yours Today!

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