(Get it?.. Coffee Company?.. Grounds..)

Mike B.Founder / Owner / Boss-Man / Head of Office Morale

Michael is a self-proclaimed coffee and tech geek. He founded Batch Coffee in 2012, and has continued to grow the Batch Coffee & CoastLine brands, fueled by a constant caffeine supply, smoothies, and an eagerness to make an impact in the coffee world. 
Mike has attended the SCAA, gaining knowledge of Roasting, Grinding and Brewing the perfect cup of coffee. He makes quarterly trips overseas to establish relationships with manufacturers and to stay updated on the newest emerging coffee trends. He shares this knowledge with the rest of his team, and applies his findings to the U.S. Coffee Market.
Mike is also a dad to three stunning little humans, enjoys boating, fishing, and of course: Coffee.

Amanda M. - Wholesale ContactSocial Media & Website Management / Promotions & Marketing

Amanda started with Batch Coffee in September of 2015. She is an hourly-coffee drinker, who admits her caffeine obsession has hit an up-tick since the start of her employment. 
Amanda tends to the social media and website needs of Batch Coffee. Chances are, if you have seen an e-mail, an Instagram post or a promotion, Amanda sent it.
Amanda is a new mom to a sweet little baby girl and two cats, enjoys driving Mike crazy, and again: Coffee.