This tutorial will show you how to brew the perfect cup of coffee with our CoastLine French Press. 

What You Need:

French Press (View our CoastLine Press here)
Coarse Ground Coffee or Whole Bean Coffee & Grinder
Boiling Water (We use the Bonavita Variable Gooseneck Kettle in this tutorial)
Digital Kitchen Scale (CoastLine Pour-Over Scale available here)


This recipe is for a single serving. (400mL)

1.) Set water to boil. While waiting, fill press with warm to hot water, to warm the glass chamber and prepare for coffee.

2.) While waiting for water to reach a boil, measure out 40g of coarse ground coffee (We love our CoastLine Hand Grinder, but often use our Baratza Conical Burr Grinder when we want quick, precise grounds)


3.) Place measured coffee into Press chamber. Place entire press on scale, and 'Tare' the scale to Zero.

4.) Take the just-boiled water, and pour approximately 100g (approx. 100ml) of water into the chamber to wet the grounds. Stir, and wait 30 seconds. 

5.) Add remaining 300g (300mL) of water to the press chamber, cover, and set timer for 4 Minutes.

6.) After 4 Minutes, lightly stir once more, and spoon off any floating grounds. 

7.) Slowly (over the course of 15 seconds), plunge the press screen gradually to the bottom.

8.) Pour & Enjoy!