Chemex Coffee Maker Pour Over Brewing Instructions

Using a Chemex is an easy and convenient way to brew excellent coffee at home. The keys to getting perfect results are using high-quality fresh beans, grinding the coffee correctly, using clean equipment, pouring correctly, and achieving the correct water temperature.

  1. Grind Coffee. It is important that the coffee be ground medium-course with a quality burr (rather than blade) grinder. By grinding the coffee this way you are allowing for an even extraction resulting in fuller bodied and a more nuanced cup. Blade grinders chop the coffee rather than grinding it, resulting in uneven and unpredictable particle size which leads to increased bitterness and inconsistent results.                   
  2. Place and Rinse the Filter. Place the folded Chemex filter inside the cone with the multiple folds toward the spout. Run hot water through the filter to rinse out any residual paper flavor and preheat the brewer. Allow the water to drain out completely before pouring it out of the brewer using the pouring channel. Do your best to keep the filter sealed against the walls of the brewer.
  3. Add Coffee. We recommend 42 grams (1.5 oz or about six rounded tablespoons) of fresh ground coffee to yield 20 oz of coffee.
  4. Initial Pour. You should bring the water just to a boil (electric kettles are great at this). For 20 oz. of brewed coffee you will want to use quite a bit more hot water for the three pours. First, pour just enough into the cone so that it saturates the grounds and very little is dripping into the brewer. The key is to saturate all the grounds evenly by moving the stream around as you pour.
  5. First Brewing Pour. After about 30 seconds, it is time to pour more water. Pour at an even rate in a spiral and/or back-and-forth pattern in order to break down the bloom and saturate all grounds evenly. Raise the water level up to about a 1/4 inch below the rim of the brewer. The color of the surface should be even with as few dark or blond spots as possible.
  6. Second Brewing Pour. Once you can see about an inch of dry coffee, it is time to pour more water. Pour first around the rim to resubmerge the dry grounds, then continue at an even rate in a spiral and/or back-and-forth pattern. Raise the water level up to the rim of the brewer. The color of the surface should still be even with as few dark or blond spots as possible.
  7. Pull Your Filter. Once you have 20 oz. of brewed coffee in the vessel, quickly move the filter to your sink where it will drain completely.
  8. Enjoy your perfect cup of coffee!


French Press Brewing Instructions

Using a French Press (aka Coffee Press or Press Pot) is another great way to brew a delicious cup of your favorite specialty coffee at home. As with any coffee brewing method, it is important to work with clean equipment and ensure that the coffee is properly ground for the brewing method. Water temperature is also critical to success.

  1. Grind Coffee. Grind 56g (about 8 Tbsp) of coffee to a coarse consistency with a quality burr grinder. We suggest 75g for every liter of water. This recipe makes 750ml of coffee (8-oz press).
  2. Add Coffee and Water. Place grounds into press and pour 200g (200ml) of water off-boil into the press. Stir and wait 30 seconds.
  3. Add Remaining Water. Add the remaining 550g (550ml) of heated water to the press and wait 4:00 minutes.
  4. Stir. Stir just one more time and then spoon off the ground slurry floating on top of the press.
  5. Plunge. Slowly (over 10-15 seconds), plunge the press to the bottom.
  6. Pour off and enjoy!


Clever Coffee Dripper Brew Guide:

What You'll Need:
  • Boiling Water (We love our bonavita gooseneck variable electric kettle for this)
  • Coffee Beans & Grinder (Or pre-ground coarse coffee) : Approx. 20g
  • Clever Coffee Dripper ( We use the Clever Coffee Dripper by CoastLine. See Here)
  • #4 Melitta Filters ( Or Clever Filters by CoastLine)
  • Coffee Mug
What To Do:
Place filter in the Clever Coffee dripper and pre-moisten with very hot water from your tap or kettle. Drain the rinse water from the Clever over a cup or small pitcher.
Begin boiling water. Measure your coffee and grind it coarsely during the boiling process.
Place ground coffee in Clever dripper (while it rests on the counter). Add approximately 300mL of just-boiled water to the grinds
Continue evenly pouring water over the grounds until it reaches the top of the ridges on the Clever's sides. Stir in a cyclonic motion once or twice, and cover for 4 minutes.
Engage Clever dripper by placing on top of cup to dispense coffee. We recommend the Double Walled Handled Coffee Mug by CoastLine, so you can watch your brewing, and keep the freshly brewed coffee hot! 
Once finished, simply remove Clever from mug and place on saucer. Discard filter, rinse, and Enjoy!