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The pour-over coffee method is a simple style of brewing -  where off-boiled water is poured slowly and precisely over coarse grinds. The slightest change in coffee to water ratio, water temperature, or brew time will subsequently change the overall taste of your cup. This makes the pour-over method a favorite amongst coffee enthusiasts, allowing them to experiment and control the acidity, body, and depth of each perfectly crafted cup.
Looking to create the next best cup of coffee via Pour Over? Here's what you'll need - 


The pour over method requires a controlled-pour kettle, a carafe or coffee dripper (CoastLine, Chemex, Hario etc.), water, and coffee. Your coffee will be a medium-coarse grind, and your water should be just off-boil - 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit. *If you are measuring your coffee and water by weight (recommended), you will also be needing a digital scale


Heat water to 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit. If using a gooseneck pour-over kettle from CoastLine, this ideal brew temp is indicated in green. 
Insert filter, whether paper or stainless steel, into your carafe or your dripper. Run off-boiled water over  the filter to both pre-wet, and pre-heat the containers. This will help to hold the temperature of the coffee while brewing. (Empty before brewing).
Grind your coffee to a medium-coarse grind, similar to sea salt. You will want to brew within fifteen minutes of grinding.


Add your freshly ground coffee to your filter (If using a CoastLine Pour Over Carafe and Filter, use 37g of coffee to 600g of water).
Pour over a small amount of hot water to moisten the grinds. 
Allow the coffee to "bloom" for about thirty seconds before continuing pour. This process allows the grounds to expand, and the release key notes in the coffees flavor and body. 
Pour the remainder of the 600g of water in slow, circular motions. Pausing each time the water level rises to within a quarter inch from the top of the filter. Repeat this process until you've used the full 600g. This should take approximately 3-4 minutes.

Thats it! Remove filter, serve and enjoy!

Tips For Getting The Most of Your Pour Over Experience

For the perfect cup every time, follow these three tips.

1. Use the correct ratio of water-to-coffee
Pour over coffee is wonderful in the sense that you are able to change the entire flavor of your cup with just a few extra grams of water or longer brew time. A lot of what goes into the perfect pour over is precision, but ratios will always be a matter of taste. We used 16-to-1 in this recipe. To reduce the strength of your coffee, try 30-to-1.
2. Preheating your equipment
Preheating and rinsing your filter ensures that no heat is lost from the newly finished coffee. Again, lots of factors can determine taste - brew temperature is one of those factors. Pre-heat your filter and carafe to reduce heat lost in the brewing process. 
3. Grind your own coffee beans
Immediately upon grinding, coffees grinds begin to lose their natural aroma, and soak up environmental scents. Avoid this by never buying pre-ground coffee beans, and grinding your beans with a conical burr grinder at home prior to brewing.
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