Meet The CoastLine Pour Over Kettle – Batch Coffee

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Meet our newest bundle of joy, the CoastLine Pour Over Kettle

There's a lot to love about this little beauty. This lightweight kettle makes the perfect addition to any coffee or tea lover's arsenal. Ideal for both home and commercial use - this piece is sure to delight both newcomers and enthusiasts alike.
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Now - Let's run down the list of three key features and uses for this gem.

There are a lot of kettles out there...

Some claim to be the best, some claim to be of the highest quality and some claim to do your laundry for you. We're going to show you what makes ours so special.

1. ideal temp gauge

Track Temperature Easily

Pour over coffee is basically an art form - everything from the size of the grind, to the temperature of the water play an integral role in crafting the perfect cup. It was for this reason that we made sure our kettle included a built in-thermometer. This thermometer even displays the ideal brewing temperature for pour over coffee - 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit - highlighted in green. Boom.

2. lightweight

Be gone, oversized unwieldy kettles.

Hello, glorious, lightweight, manageable CoastLine kettle.

You're making coffee for one, maybe two - Yet you're using a kettle that could boil enough water for twenty. They're super heavy, usually ceramic - which is almost definitely going to break with one wrong move. Cue - the CoastLine Gooseneck Kettle. Not only is it crazy light - like, under 1 lb. - it's also made of durable Stainless Steel, and features an ergonomic heat-resistant handle, and boasts a generous 1L capacity. Keep your water hot, your hands cool - and cafe counter looking fly. 


3. controlled pour

Need We Say More?

The gooseneck feature on this kettle is one of it's most beautiful and functional assets. It allows the user to place water with precision, ensuring an equal disbursement to grounds - crucial in the 'blooming process' of pour-over coffee. 


With all of that said - it's not just for coffee.. Read On.



Tea - Obviously.

Did you know that different teas call for different brewing temperatures? I didn't either - because I'm Team Coffee (Are you team coffee? Tell the world here) .. but according to Two Leaves Tea (

"Oolong teas should be brewed at temperatures between 180 and 190 degrees Fahrenheit. Black and Herbal teas brew best at a full boil temperatures 208 and 212 degrees Fahrenheit.".

Now - call it a coincidence, or call it fate - but our 'ideal brew temp' indicator falls smack dab in the middle of those preferred tea temperatures. (We'll call it fate). 



How else will you strategically place the minuscule amount of water necessary to keep your tiny terrarium plants alive? Only with this gooseneck-level precision, of course. And yes - we know those are cacti - we just liked the picture. 


So that's that! If that last practical use didn't make you want to click "Buy Now", then we don't know what will.

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 Until next week, friends.

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