Cold Brewing in the CoastLine Carafe – Batch Coffee

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The CoastLine Pour Over Coffee Carafe is the perfect vessel for your cold brew needs.
Using a Japanese style cold brew where the off-boiled water is poured over grinds, and dripped directly over ice, is the quickest and easiest way to cold brew. There is no need to wait twelve or more hours for proper steeping. Instead, you enjoy the coffee right away!
One of the major benefits of this style of brewing, in addition to the time it saves, is that when the coffee is cooled rapidly, it essentially shocks the coffee. This pause in it's evolution in the brewing process, preserves all of the lighter, crisper notes that are lost in a 12-hour steep. 
Let's get started. 
You'll Need: 
  • 40 grams of freshly ground, sea-salt course coffee.
  • 300 grams of ice
  • 300 grams of water, just off-boil
  • CoastLine Pour Over Carafe
1. Start by grinding your coffee to a sea-salt consistency, and measure out 40 grams.
2. Place carafe on the scale, tare, and add 300 grams of ice. 
3. Add coffee grounds to filter, and tare scale.
4. Pour 100 grams of off-boiled water over the grounds. Simply saturating the grounds, and allowing the gasses to escape. 
5. Once the grounds have settled, pour the remaining 200 grams of water over the grounds. 
6. Rinse filter, fill your glass, and enjoy!
That's it! You're Done!
In less time than it takes to order and receive your cold-brew at Starbucks, you have your very own cold-brew in the comfort of your home. No waiting, no steeping, just fast, easy coffee.