Cold Brew in the CoastLine French Press – Batch Coffee

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Rising temperatures in New England have us trading in our toasty beverages for a refreshing cup of cold-brew iced coffee. While there are PLENTY of places around where we can score a nice cup of this caffeinated treat, we wanted to show you - our friends -how to achieve that perfect cup of cold-brew greatness at home!

For this, we're going to use our CoastLine French Press. ( Yes - It's BACK!)

We'll tell you what you need to get started, walk you through the process, and then point you in the direction of a quality shop with cold-brew for when you're on-the-go.

Lets get to it. 


 1. COFFEE (We like the Cold Brew Blend offered to us by Speedwell Coffee - a Dark Guatemala Roast.)

2. French Press (If you don't have one, grab one here!)

3. Scale (We're partial to the CoastLine scale for it's accurate and precise 0.01g measurements).

4. Burr Grinder (As always, we favor our Baratza)

5. Patience.


This recipe is based on a 7:1 ratio, using 70g of coffee and 500mL of water. This yields one serving. For two services, double ratios.

Start by measuring out 70g of coffee beans, and grind coarsely. (On our Baratza Virtuoso, we grind on setting #35).

 Place coarse grinds into the French Press and place French Press on scale. 



Pour 500mL of Room Temperature water over the grounds in circular motion, saturating evenly. 

Stir your slurry with a wooden spool, and replace French Press Lid. 

**Do Not Plunge**


Place in refrigerator to steep overnight, or for twelve hours. 


Plunge about 1" from the top of the french press, being mindful not to agitate the slurry of coffee grounds. 

Pour either directly into glass over ice, or - if you'd like further filtering to remove the silt left from the brewing process - you can filter using a pour-over dripper prior to serving. 

Thats it! It's that simple! Weigh, Grind, Steep & Enjoy!


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 Until next week, friends.

Roast. Grind. Brew.