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April 2017 Local Shop Feature

It is a rare occurrence that we are able to pry ourselves away from our computer screens and office space long enough to indulge in a lovingly prepared coffee at one of the local shops in town. We're talking a maybe-once-a-week, situation. Less than favorable, in my book. 
Everything about hometown coffee shops makes us smile. The atmosphere, the locals chatting, the staff, the coffee (obviously)..  everything!
That is why we decided to start this Monthly Coffee Shop Feature. We'll tell you all about where we've been, what we ordered, and what we loved about the place! (No negativity here - good vibes only, always).
(If you have a place you want us to check out, shoot us an e-mail to be featured!)

Kiskadee Coffee Company


This week I visited Kiskadee Coffee Co. I've been a patron of Kiskadee Coffee for about 6 years.  And I mean - a seasoned patron. I have a punch card that sits atop their coffee counter, longingly awaiting my next visit. 
It is my go to spot on both brisk winter mornings and warm summer afternoons. From the old-world wooden floors to the painted tin ceiling, it is inviting from the moment you walk in. 
A small woodstove surrounded by lush leather couches and arm chairs is the dreamiest spot in town to sit and catch up with friends while sipping on their Dark Roast (Provided by Speedwell Coffee Company, in Plymouth, Massachusetts). 
They have two little sunlit nooks appointed by windows to sit and watch the downtown passerbys - or pull up a chair outside in the warm summer days and listen to the live music drifting from the open-air bar next door. 
Go there a few times and the friendly staff will have your order down. They care about your coffee - and you. It's service with a smile, but usually a laugh. They're prompt, courteous, and produce some damn good latte art. 
The glass display case that taunts you near the register houses all sorts of delightful goodies - cookies, muffins, the BEST darn Pumpernickel Bagels around. Looking for a coffee and a treat? This is your spot.

What I Ordered:

Usually, i'm an iced coffee girl. Show up at my desk-side with an iced coffee on any day of the week, and I will be your forever friend. No matter the weather, the time of year, or time of day; Hand me a cold brew or a nice iced dark roast and I am in a caffeinated bliss. 
BUT - for one reason or another - whether it was the power of suggestion from the customers before me, or it was that little Coffee Angel on my shoulder telling me to go for it, I ordered a hot cafe mocha. I love coffee, but I may love chocolate just as much. Combine the two flavors and I am temporarily whisked off to a ski lodge in Aspen surrounded by fur rugs, stone fireplaces and chunky knit cardigans. Big fan.
I ordered an in-house Cafe Mocha, and it was a dream. When you order it to enjoy in their shop, it comes served to you in a mug the size of your head. Most often, the latte art is on point - this day was no exception. The sweet little heart that adorned my giant mug of caffeinated goodness could warm even the coldest of cold-hearted fools. I was no exception... swoon.
I sat with my coffee and got some work done, met with a friend, and was on my way.  The staff ALWAYS tells you to have a nice day - and, how could you not?
Kiskadee Coffee is located at 18 Main Street in Plymouth, Massachusetts. On street parking is first-come first serve - but plenty of lots around and lots to see while walking!
Have a coffee shop that you frequent, and think deserves it's 15 Minutes of Fame? Are you a shop owner, and want us to come sip on some caffeinated goodness at your establishment? Reach out to me! I'm always on the lookout for the next new place -

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Until next week, coffee lovers. 
Roast. Grind. Brew. (And Sip).