CoastLine's Percolator Punch – Batch Coffee

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The perfect warm beverage for your holiday party - Serve warm as is, or with a dark rum float!
What You'll Need:
Percolator / Coffee Urn With Brew Basket
Orange Juice
Apple Juice
Pineapple Juice
2 Oranges, Sliced
Cinnamon Sticks
Brown Sugar
Granulated Sugar
Ground Cinnamon 
Simple Syrup
Fill your percolator or coffee urn halfway, with equal parts cranberry, pineapple, and orange juices. 
In brew basket, place sliced oranges, cinnamon sticks (5-10), cloves (3-5 heaping tbsp), and 3/4cup brown sugar.
Replace lid, and let percolate. (Usually 10-15 minutes or until your machine indicator light reaches temperature).
Dip rim of glassware in simple syrup, and roll rim in a mix of cinnamon and granulated sugar.
Pour punch into glass, garnish with orange slice, and enjoy!
(For a fun adult twist - use a dark rum float on top prior to serving)