Quick Tutorial on the Clever Coffee Dripper – Batch Coffee

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Clever Coffee Dripper Brew Guide:

This tutorial will teach you everything you'll need to know to obtain the perfect cup of coffee, every time. True to its name, the Clever Coffee Dripper is an innovative brew method that allows you to control steep time as you would with an immersion brewer (like a french press), while ensuring the sediment-free cup that comes from a pour-over or drip brewer. What sets the Clever apart is the patented valve on the bottom that can be closed during the brewing process (you can also leave it open it you prefer a more traditional pour-over), and then opened to allow the coffee to drip into your cup or thermos. The Clever also comes with a lid to retain heat during steeping and a coaster to set the dripper on and prevent mess on your countertop.
What You'll Need:
  • Boiling Water (We love our bonavita gooseneck variable electric kettle for this)
  • Coffee Beans & Grinder (Or pre-ground coarse coffee) : Approx. 20g
  • Clever Coffee Dripper ( We use the Clever Coffee Dripper by CoastLine. See Here)
  • #4 Melitta Filters ( Or Clever Filters by CoastLine)
  • Spoon
  • Mug
What To Do:
Place filter in the Clever Coffee dripper and pre-moisten with very hot water from your tap or kettle. Drain the rinse water from the Clever over a cup or small pitcher.
Begin boiling water. Measure your coffee (20g) and grind it coarsely during the boiling process.
Place ground coffee in Clever dripper (while it rests on the counter). Add approximately 300mL of just-boiled water to the grinds
Continue evenly pouring water over the grounds until it reaches the top of the ridges on the Clever's sides. Stir in a cyclonic motion once or twice, and cover for 4 minutes.
Engage Clever dripper by placing on top of cup to dispense coffee. We recommend the Double Walled Handled Coffee Mug by CoastLine, so you can watch your brewing, and keep the freshly brewed coffee hot! 
Once finished, simply remove Clever from mug and place on saucer. Discard filter, rinse, and Enjoy!





To Make Iced Coffee:

Pack Tumbler Glass With Ice, and Double the Grind Ratio. 

For Example, if this recipe calls for 20g of grinds, instead use 35-40g.