May Deal of the Month: FREE SHIPPING!

Hey there!  To celebrate the launch of our new website, we are offering free shipping sitewide for the rest of the month of May (for shipping rates up to $30). Just use the code NEWSITE at checkout from now through May 31!  Some of our favorite new products that you...

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Notice Anything Different?

Yup. You got it - our website is brand new. You’re good! We know you come to our website for a variety of reasons — to shop for the greatest coffee gear around, to troubleshoot your Gene Cafe roaster, and to track down parts for said roaster. But, with the...

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Our Favorite Home Roasting Forums

Home roasting newbie and want to get some tips from the veterans? Looking to try a new brew method for your beans and need suggestions? Have a great roast profile you want to share? Online forums are a great way to connect with other home roasters, share your experiences, and...

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